Saturday, November 10, 2012

Our Songbird

Lindy loves to sing. She constantly hums "Nic Nac Patty Wak" (she's never seen Barney, so I know it's not that version) and continues to lead the music at church and to the songs played by any toy. Her first single was "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" which she started humming around 14 months. Now she's throwing words in, which is really fun, and several times a day she will sing, "Morrow!" or "Daddy!" and I know that means she wants me to sing "Tomorrow" or "When Daddy Comes Home" respectively. Unfortunately she doesn't say the "w" sound, but inserts a "b" sound instead, which is why way sounds like bay, and what sounds like...

"When Daddy Comes Home"

Unfortunately Brett hasn't seen her for the last 2 days, and might not for the next 2 days that he's working. She is still asleep at 5:15am when he leaves and goes to bed before he gets home around 7:15pm.

"Rubber Duckie"

Sorry about the wardrobe, but there's no other place suitable to singing this particular song.

 I know we've already showcased this one on FB, but she's getting better at it, so here's an updated version.
I am a Child of God
We learned this on in the car last night. About 10 min. of singing it over and over and she's got the tune and the ending words.

I think she's pretty talented for a 19 month old!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012!

She wouldn't wear her piglet hood to the ward party the other night, but she wanted it while we were getting ready to go to the park yesterday. The other kids left after we got there... maybe piglet is a little more scary than I thought. First time saying "bork" (work) and "noose" (nurse).

Singing one of my Halloween songs from childhood. The end is her "Dracula laugh - ah, ha, ha!" Lyrics for those of you who don't know this one...

Stirring and stirring and stirring my brew!
Oooo-oooo.... Oooo-oooo
Tiptoe, tiptoe, tiptoe, tiptoe...

In case we don't see you on Wednesday, Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Some house pics

So we've been in our home for over 6 months now, and we've "finished" two rooms. I'm pretty happy with all the thrifting and deal shopping we've done to furnish our house in a style that I think we both like. I've learned that I love KSL classifieds,, Ross, and, of course, Pinterest.

Here's our living room:

Still might put a tiny table between these chairs someday.
It's a little crowded, but oh well.
Everything was really quite inexpensive. comparatively speaking, except the well... you know... really expensive piano - But I'm glad I splurged, it's been fun to have it. Oddly enough, all I really want to play are scales and technical exercises. I never really did a lot of that when I was taking piano lessons, and now I have this craving to be actually good at playing the piano. Amazingly, you can hardly hear the piano in Lindy's room if her fan is going, so I usually play in the evening when she's in bed. If I try to play during the day she insists on sitting on my lap, and won't let me touch the keyboard.

Stole the stuff in the vase from the canyon, and the orange and purple silk scarf was my Grandma B.'s

And here's the "Kid Bathroom":

We already had the shower curtain, so basically that's the color scheme I went with.  I got the over-the-toilet cabinet on KSL for $15, repainted it, added the bead board door covers and back, and then got all the glassware from DI for really cheap. The kiwi sculpture in the middle is from New Zealand (the paua shell really worked with the colors), and I have a cool kaleidoscope from New Zealand in there as well (if you ever go to the north island of New Zealand, you have to go to this kaleidoscope shop... it was probably one of my favorite stops). And the other thing in the cabinet that I love is the Erlenmeyer flask I found at DI of all places - yep, I'm still a science geek.

View of the kitchen from the family room:

The kitchen is pretty much done as well (you know... it has cabinets and stuff), although I'm working on a hot pepper wreath that I'm making from the ridiculously hot peppers that I grew in my garden this year (not knowing that they were going to be ridiculously hot, and so there was no other use for them except as a decoration).

I saw a little Halloween banner made of paper that I pinned to Pinterest and thought I'd try it to hang from our alcove between the dining room and the kitchen. I opted to make it out of felt though, since I had a lot of it left over from other projects. I think it turned out pretty cute. Lindy has loved it - she thought it was really cool while I was hanging it. She's also learned the "sounds" of most of the characters on the banner. Whenever I try to get her to do it for the camera, she doesn't, so just try to imagine an 18 month old cackling like a witch, walking and groaning like a mummy, hoooing like an owl, etc. My favorite is laughing like Dracula.

Just because I think she's cute, and this is what her room looks like most of the time. She LOVES to read!

Friday, August 3, 2012


So... this is kind of a random, somewhat personally sensitive issue to be posting about on the blogosphere, but I feel like it's important to give reviews of products that actually work! Brett and I have noticed that most of the reviews of businesses and products are negative, because if you're happy about a purchase, you usually go on your way without thinking about it enough to "review" it, but if you're unhappy then you can't seem to get it off your mind until you write all sorts of horrible things about the unclean restaurant or ebay seller who ripped you off.

And so, putting personal embarrassment aside (well not really), I wanted to give a big shout out to for their "regimen" for getting clear.

8th grade - not too bad minus the braces (and Mikayla is still like this in my brain, not 20)
Sr. picture - again, not too bad
I actually didn't have horrible skin in Jr. High and High School - the occasional zit would pop up (usually around school picture time), and I'd do my best to cover it with makeup. But when I hit about 20 my face exploded, as did my sleep (I don't know if the 2 are hormonally related...). I never had serious acne like I know some people do, but I usually had several zits at one time, and was always self-conscious about it. Again, I wore makeup every day to try to conceal them (that's what concealer is for, right?), but it never seemed to do a very good job, or even made it look worse (less red from far away maybe, but still gross face-to-face).

I tried Proactive for a while during college and all it did was dry out my face and make it over produce oils and, bam! More "zits of despair"! (That's what we called them at my house... said with your best Albino voice...).  I think it just irritated my skin so much that I ended up with more problems than solutions.

My face... ick... The flowers were pretty though. May 2008
Bridals... supposed to look good in that dress and with those flowers - blerg. July 2008

Still a problem even with makeup... Dec 2011
February 2012 I was doing some Google-ing, and came across One of the things that I like most about this site is that the info is free - Daniel Kern tells his story and relates his "Regimen" for absolutely nothing. He also tells you what drugstore products to look for and what works well instead of forcing you to buy his "brand" - I thought that was very cool of him. I did decide to buy his 2.5% benzoyl peroxide treatment because it came in a large bottle, which it doesn't at the store, but I used the cheaper cleanser and moisturizer from Wal-mart. He suggests using up that bottle I bought within a month but I'm still using it and it's August (6 months...). Maybe the reason I'm not perfectly clear yet is because I'm not using enough (and because I touch my face more than I should, and can't seem to be gentle enough when washing), but I'm happy with where I am and without spending a good chunk of change each month. Now I only wear makeup on Sunday's and special occasions, and feel comfortable in my own skin (couldn't have said that a year ago...).

Today - no makeup (except mascara... I look weird without eyelashes). A little shiny from the moisturizer and the lighting, but not really as oily as it might look. Not perfect, but believe me... soooooo much better! And excuse the hair... air-dried and no straightener.

So there you have it. I post this because having acne as an adult is lame (I had more than the kids I taught in middle school for goodness-sake!) and just in case there's anyone reading this that needs a nudge in the right direction, I recommend "The Regimen".

Brett (who thinks I'm gorgeous all the time... right, honey?) would think this is a silly post, but I'm still gonna share it!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

My favorite stage (first installment)

Lindy is 15 months old, and I must admit, from about 9 months to now has been my favorite stage by far! A friend of mine (Kristin) did a blog post recently just with a bunch of movies of her little boy, and I thought it was fun to watch what he's doing instead of just reading about it, so here's Lindy at 9-15 months doing some of my favorite things. I've tried to make the clips short, but there are still waaayyyy too many of them to post on one posting. So be warned, that you're going to be bombarded with videos of my kid if you follow this blog over the next little while.

I realize this is a lot of video to ask you to watch, so feel free not to. I just wanted to have a bunch of my favorites in one place, and thought the grandparents might enjoy them.

Momma Dadda - yes that's brown sugar in her stroller to make it heavy enough for her to push.

Hot - don't know why she says it like this, but it makes me laugh every time.

Steam Roller

Leading the Music (does this during church or during any song played by her toys).

Walking- she did this all on her own too - just waddled in with the blanket covering her head completely. It reminds me of the part in E.T. when he's dressed up as a ghost for Halloween - same kind of waddle-walk.

Stay tuned, more Lindy to come...

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Chairs of Doom/Awesome

Ok... so our good friend Wendy moved into a house in Alpine a long time ago, but has been rearranging some things and opted to get rid of some chairs that belonged to her great grandmother (I think?) which she was going to reupholster, but never got around to it.

Now I understand why NO ONE should ever "get around" to reupholstering a chair. Actually... I'm really glad I did it, but I must say it is not for the faint of heart or for those with full-time jobs, or a house that they want to keep looking orderly. Instead, I spent all of my free evenings while Brett was at work pulling out staples (this took a surprising amount of time), making a complete mess of my mother's house where we were living, diligently taking pictures and writing notes to myself, picking fabric, cutting fabric, and then stapling (and hot gluing in parts... shhhh) this chair back together over a few months. Not to mention the sewing involved in the seat cushion and the back, some of which I had never done before - thank you YouTube!

I'm not going to do a tutorial because I think there's already good stuff out there. Here's the blog that I mostly used - although with some "winging it" here and there when it didn't apply (no pun intended).

The only thing I'm going to mention specifically is that the backs of the original chairs were stuffed with what I assume was horse hair... I'm going to continue calling it horse hair... It must be horse hair...If it's something else... I'm very afraid  - which was then wrapped in batting making a tube. My process was much more obnoxious (but less disgusting) since I disemboweled a huge body pillow/headboard that Brett made me when we were engaged. He had it stuffed with tiny bits of foam from this warehouse in SLC, which was really cheap and worked great for the pillow, but I tell you I HATE that stuff! It got everywhere! Lindy was finding it on the floor in every room and would stuff it in her mouth thinking it was cheese. I don't know how much she swallowed, but I know I caught her from chocking too many times to count. I tried to just wrap it in batting like the horse hair was, but it would NOT stay in place. So I opted for sewing little tubes which I then had to stuff the foam into with a plunger handle. Besides pulling out the staples it was the most time consuming and definitely the most frustrating part - trying to get it packed tightly, but evenly, and not too tightly, or it's hard as a rock... etc.

There are a bunch of mistakes, but I think most are small enough that the average Jo wouldn't notice them. I notice them because I was face to face with this monster for days on end.

So here it is... the before (of both chairs) and after (one done... one to paint and reassemble).



Am I proud of myself and this chair? Yes! Yes I am! A little too much probably, which means it will likely sustain a horrible grape juice attack all too soon just so I can be humbled. This is currently the only non-kitchen chair that we have (except that rocking chair I redid, but it's in the baby's room). So if you come over, you can sit in it!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lindy's First B-Day

Picture stolen from Uncle Ted's Blog
We had a whirlwind day for Lindy... our camera was packed, so I didn't many good pics on the actual day,  but here's how the day went.

She woke up and had some special birthday oatmeal (it may have just been her normal oatmeal, but just go with it).

She got to hang out with her awesome cousin, Casey, while "the guys" loaded all our stuff onto many trailers.

She had a great morning nap (yes... even on her birthday).

She participated in the Boren family Easter Egg Hunt!

She had her first cake - carrot cake to go with the rabbit ears and cream cheese frosting. She "tickled" the frosting for a while first, she's not a big dive in to something unfamiliar type person, but she did end up eating a good chunk of the cake. Mostly she was distracted by the rocket balloons that the other cousins (and Grandma Reesa) were launching all over the yard.

Then she went down for her afternoon nap while her parents abandoned went ahead of her to the new house to unpack.

Grandma Reesa and Papa Phil brought her to the new house for dinner time (which we shared with Grandma Marilyn and Gramps too!). And finally got to open her presents. This year's take includes:

  • 1st Year Memory Book - the pictures below take FOREVER to load, so go fold some laundry while you wait.

  • Hand-made and hand-quilted blanket from Mom and Grandma Reesa (you may recall that I started this before she was born... there's been a lot going on since then).

This was called a piano key border. Mom and I decided to quilt every other rectangle, which made them kind of pop out every other one - a fun effect in my opinion.

The quilting is actually pretty cool, although you can't see it very well. It's dragonflies and 2 different butterflies, plus little "flight patterns." I couldn't get a good picture of the bugs, but here's a closeup of a loop-the-loop.

  • Blocks
Her tongue is out... this must require serious concentration.
  • Stacking cups toy
The cups click together to make differently sized balls - clever!

Here comes Godzilla!
  • Push toy - which apparently was pretty cheaply made and will be returned... sad day.
The next day (Easter Sunday) she got to spend time with the Groneman clan, including a new cousin!

I'd say she had a pretty great day!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rocking Chair Redo

I should re-title this, "Another project that I'm glad I finished before Lindy gets mobile and more demanding."

Our new house is our new obsession, and I admit I'm completely addicted to KSL classifieds looking for deals on awesome items that we'll need for our new house. We haven't accumulated much furniture (junk and textbooks, yes... furniture, no), so I've been looking on KSL for things that we need and that also could provide me with opportunities to learn new things. Behold... my first re-upholstery project!

BEFORE: $10 Rocking Chair from a lady in AF.

AFTER: New fabric, new batting, a bit of sanding, & 2 coats of spray paint

After all this, I decided the seat needed MORE padding. So I bought a square of chair foam and redid the bottom, which will be much more comfy (not pictured because I took the chair apart again after these photos so that it could be stowed under the bed until we move).

The pictures make it look better than it is :) I'm definitely an amateur - there's lots of wrinkles and puckers around the edges, but it will work, and it was my first project of this type.

(It seems like a few of my friends have been re-upholstering stuff lately, but I promise I decided to do this way before even reading about other people's crafty pursuits).

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Fattest Quiet Book Ever!

 Does my quiet book make me look fat? In this case... yes... 

I bet you've been wondering what I've been working on for the last, um... 6 months. This is it! Of course it hasn't been a non-stop project, I took plenty of breaks - but it HAS been a non-stop mess. Thank you to Brett and my Mom for looking the other way as I left the sewing machine and a number of scraps of felt and string all over our dining table for 6 months.

Welp... here it is!

I made the cover out of a pair of jeans (pocket and button/button hole waist band included), and a cream colored bag that already had handles on it. It doesn't really match the innards of the book, but it's sturdy material, and I think it works.

The inside cover has a big green pocket that I plan on putting crayons and paper in. The first page is the "clock" page - my kids are going to know how to read a normal clock. I can't tell you how many times I had to take cell phones away in middle school because they "had to check what time it was" on their digital phone instead of the clock on the wall. Erg!

Apple tree page. I added numbers to the apples, in case that's handy someday... why not?

 Ok... this is probably my personal favorite. Each fish and the hook has a magnet. I don't know why fishing with magnets is so fun...  It's also good for learning how to do a drawstring and tying a bow.

Gum ball colors! You have to match the word with the colored gumball, and to the outlines inside the machine. This page was surprisingly long in the making with all the embroidery.

Flower buttons - the "vase" is also a pocket for holding them when they're not on the button centers.

Tic-Tac-Toe. The balls were felt stickers that I stuck onto craft foam and cut out. Easier and more durable than felt, I thought. And adds a little bit of sportiness to the book.

Counting bead thingy... My mom's book had one of these, and it never occurred to me that it was for counting - I just pushed the beads around or skipped that page.

Shoe tying and buckling. I bought these pairs of shoes at DI for $2 total, cut off the thick soles, and then sewed them on to the book. They don't look perfect, but they'll work. Sure they'll probably have Velcro all their lives, but why not hope for more?

One of my favorite pages in my Mom's quiet book was a weaving page... don't know why, it just was. I thought it kind of looked like a picnic blanket, so...

I made a dinner set, to practice how to set the table. These are stowed under the woven blanket.

This page kept me up at night, trying to figure out how I wanted to do it. It's supposed to be a caterpillar with letters making up the body. Each piece is double sided so that there are more letters to choose from - one side has the full alphabet, and I made more vowels and common consonants on the other side. But they're all mixed up, so the kiddos will have to do a lot of searching anyway. The trunk is just a big pocket with a zipper for all the pieces. The "cool" part is that each piece has a magnet inside, and the background has a couple small metal shingles behind the fabric for them to stick to. So they're kind of like refrigerator letter magnets.

Noah's Ark - the only semi-churchy page. There are entire books with spiritual themes, but... mine isn't one of them. I bought the finger puppets at IKEA (and then ran out of the store as quickly as I could manage through the maze - I hate that place). There are 10 puppets... this is partly why the book is sooooo fat, that boat is bulging.

Obese hair - just like me! The top of the braid between the two ribbon bows is already done and sewn down, but the rest can be loosened for practice. The front of her dress is a pocket for elastics.

I saw this online, and just really liked it - don't know why... They're supposed to be carrots, beets, and onions - all of which I like. The "dirt" is just a flap so that I can get the veggies back down through the holes.

Also saw this online, although I added some things like a loop over a handle for the upper door and a hook for the lower door. Who knew there were so many different types of closures to practice. And behind the doors are...
More finger puppets - handmade this time.

Last page... I was going to do a Mr. Potato Head, but found this idea instead. The felt circles are sewn down, and the purple pocket (on the inner sides of the cover again), is full of felt shapes.

I liked that there's a lot more room for creativity with this than with the classic Mr. Potato Head. You can do whatever you want! And if the pieces get lost, you can always make more, or different ones depending on what you need.

The End!

I pinned almost all of this from other people's blogs on Pinterest - if you want to see the original inspiration pages, go there.