Saturday, September 3, 2011

No ZZZZZs for Katie

I need help... I can't sleep...

I've always had sleep issues, but now I feel like I can't do anything about it (I used to take half an OTC sleep aid, and that seemed to kind of work). I don't know if there's a medication I can take that won't hurt the baby and won't knock me out so soundly that I don't wake for her to eat (she still wakes up somewhere between midnight and 3am). I used to be able to fall asleep, but couldn't stay asleep... now I'm not sleeping either way. (By the by... I'm pretty sleep deprived, and if my sentences don't make sense, it's to be expected).

Lindy is sleeping much better (she's been sleeping about 12 hours with one feeding in there somewhere), but by the time I get to sleep, 6 or 7am seems much too early for her to be waking up. I'm afraid I'm turning into an eternally grumpy mom and wife.

I feel tired and try to go to sleep, but can't. Then if I do manage to nod off, I wake up at every sound - the baby whining in her sleep, Brett rolling over... etc. and then I'm stuck awake again. And then the next night, I'm scared to death of a repeat, and end up with a self-fulfilled prophesy - I CAN'T SLEEP!

Any advice? Thoughts? Prescription medication?