Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fire in Herriman!

We may not have school tomorrow because of a fire started by machine gun testing at Camp Williams. The original plan was to have the people evacuated coming to Fort Herriman Middle School, but now it is in the fire danger zone. The main problem is air quality. They don't want people coming to school if the air is unbreathable. As far as I know, no houses have been burnt yet... but hundreds of people have been evacuated to the new Herriman High School.

Too my friend and firefighter, Wendy - go get 'em and save my school!

Here's the official news story.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm blogging about a grey blob.

I told Katie she should blog it.  She told me that I should blog it "...from a man's perspective."

Okay.  I will.

Last time we did this, Katie had an ultrasound that showed a gestational sac with nothing inside.  This time it had a grey blob.  And yeah, just one of them (we were worried there might be two).  The blob had a heart rate of a hundred fifty-something and is less than 1 cm.  EDD: April 28.

The original image.
And apparently the blob is already able to form simple sentences, telepathically send them to the radiology tech, and have her write them on the screen for us.  I didn't know Radiology techs got that kind of training...

Enhanced to show detail.
...You know, using that same "enhancement" technology they use on macho hero-man shows when the surveillance camera footage is absurdly blurry, but it magically gets "enhanced" to a crisp, clean image of the perpetrator.
Warning:  Objects in ultrasound arrive sooner than they appear.