Saturday, July 14, 2012

My favorite stage (first installment)

Lindy is 15 months old, and I must admit, from about 9 months to now has been my favorite stage by far! A friend of mine (Kristin) did a blog post recently just with a bunch of movies of her little boy, and I thought it was fun to watch what he's doing instead of just reading about it, so here's Lindy at 9-15 months doing some of my favorite things. I've tried to make the clips short, but there are still waaayyyy too many of them to post on one posting. So be warned, that you're going to be bombarded with videos of my kid if you follow this blog over the next little while.

I realize this is a lot of video to ask you to watch, so feel free not to. I just wanted to have a bunch of my favorites in one place, and thought the grandparents might enjoy them.

Momma Dadda - yes that's brown sugar in her stroller to make it heavy enough for her to push.

Hot - don't know why she says it like this, but it makes me laugh every time.

Steam Roller

Leading the Music (does this during church or during any song played by her toys).

Walking- she did this all on her own too - just waddled in with the blanket covering her head completely. It reminds me of the part in E.T. when he's dressed up as a ghost for Halloween - same kind of waddle-walk.

Stay tuned, more Lindy to come...