Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Who let that stork in here?!?

Who knew this could actually happen ... on April 7th, we left the window open on a nice spring day, and a stork flew in and dropped off a lil' kid for us.  Magically, the tumor in Katie's abdomen was immediately resolved!  Magically-er, both of us are getting less sleep these days!

We call the bundle "Lindy Paige Groneman."  Lindy is the nickname of Katie's Aunt. Katie has been doing great since the stork's delivery and her tumor extraction/disappearance.  She's only been on Ibuprofen.  She hasn't even needed the Percocoet, even in the hospital.

If the stork had given me an ugly kid, I would have loved her all the same, but Lindy is ridiculously cute, and makes us laugh a lot with the faces she pulls.
She's actually better than I had imagined with sleeping.  Sometimes (certainly not always) she'll sleep for 4 hours at a time if we don't wake her up, but then we usually wake her up at that point to eat.

Her bilirubin levels are high, so we started with the bilibed yesterday.  Levels are down today because of that, but we're going to do another day of bili-lights.  I guess I'm just glad that we have the ability to monitor her bilirubin levels to make sure she's okay.

She's cute.  She's fun.  We're both very glad she's here and doing okay.  I'm glad Katie is doing great too.

For the record, here's the series of events at the hospital:

Apr. 6th:
0800:  We get the call to go to AF hospital for the induction.
1000:  Start Cytotec
1600:  Start Pitocin (which was tapered up to the maximum "normal" dose for quite a while without much progress, and went a little beyond "normal" with the OB's approval.)
Apr. 7th:
0120:  Artificial Rupture of Membranes [which was particularly effective to get labor really going]
0430:  Epidural
0940:  Surprisingly suddenly dilated to a "9 1/2" and "pushing" commences.
1023:  Stork flew in and dropped off a kid, and Katie's tumor was resolved!
1032:  Lindy to Nursery because she wasn't 100% on APGAR scores, not a particularly strong cry and a little floppy.
1100:  After nurses and a respiratory therapist listened to her and assessed her, they called the pediatrician and recommended that he order an IV bolus to expand intra-vascular volume.  He did.  60 mL.  IV started, bolus given.
1110:  I clean her off while they're working on their stuff.
1330 (ish): Katie down to Mom/Baby and meets up with Lindy again.
Apr. 9th:
1000 (ish):  Discharge from hospital to go home.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Induction to commence in T- some hours

They haven't given us a specific time yet, but we'll be induced tomorrow. They apparently have to wait through the night to see how many admits they have and if they'll have any staffing issues. So... we'll get a call early tomorrow morning and then head in ASAP if all goes well. I'm barely dilated, so getting my body ready for induction will be a long process in and of itself, before they even start the pitocin. Likely baby Groneman won't actually be born until April 7th... but here's to hoping for a quick and speedy labor (...right...). Details (and cute pics) are soon to come.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bed-Rest = Baby Quilt

I've been put on bed-rest for pre-eclampsia (although we're thinking it was connected to a cold, which is resolving, so maybe my pre-eclampsia is resolving as well). Anywho.... since I've been hanging out at home all week, I figured I might as well put in several hours on the baby quilt that I'm making for our upcoming arrival. Click here for the tutorial I used (I stole the color combo as well).

The camera can't handle all the colors, so these pictures don't look quite right, but it's close. I'll take a picture of it outside when it's completely finished - maybe then the colors will be right. Mom Boren is going to help me quilt it when she gets home - which is coming up in 3 months to the day - yay!!!

Fabric used