Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012!

She wouldn't wear her piglet hood to the ward party the other night, but she wanted it while we were getting ready to go to the park yesterday. The other kids left after we got there... maybe piglet is a little more scary than I thought. First time saying "bork" (work) and "noose" (nurse).

Singing one of my Halloween songs from childhood. The end is her "Dracula laugh - ah, ha, ha!" Lyrics for those of you who don't know this one...

Stirring and stirring and stirring my brew!
Oooo-oooo.... Oooo-oooo
Tiptoe, tiptoe, tiptoe, tiptoe...

In case we don't see you on Wednesday, Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Some house pics

So we've been in our home for over 6 months now, and we've "finished" two rooms. I'm pretty happy with all the thrifting and deal shopping we've done to furnish our house in a style that I think we both like. I've learned that I love KSL classifieds,, Ross, and, of course, Pinterest.

Here's our living room:

Still might put a tiny table between these chairs someday.
It's a little crowded, but oh well.
Everything was really quite inexpensive. comparatively speaking, except the well... you know... really expensive piano - But I'm glad I splurged, it's been fun to have it. Oddly enough, all I really want to play are scales and technical exercises. I never really did a lot of that when I was taking piano lessons, and now I have this craving to be actually good at playing the piano. Amazingly, you can hardly hear the piano in Lindy's room if her fan is going, so I usually play in the evening when she's in bed. If I try to play during the day she insists on sitting on my lap, and won't let me touch the keyboard.

Stole the stuff in the vase from the canyon, and the orange and purple silk scarf was my Grandma B.'s

And here's the "Kid Bathroom":

We already had the shower curtain, so basically that's the color scheme I went with.  I got the over-the-toilet cabinet on KSL for $15, repainted it, added the bead board door covers and back, and then got all the glassware from DI for really cheap. The kiwi sculpture in the middle is from New Zealand (the paua shell really worked with the colors), and I have a cool kaleidoscope from New Zealand in there as well (if you ever go to the north island of New Zealand, you have to go to this kaleidoscope shop... it was probably one of my favorite stops). And the other thing in the cabinet that I love is the Erlenmeyer flask I found at DI of all places - yep, I'm still a science geek.

View of the kitchen from the family room:

The kitchen is pretty much done as well (you know... it has cabinets and stuff), although I'm working on a hot pepper wreath that I'm making from the ridiculously hot peppers that I grew in my garden this year (not knowing that they were going to be ridiculously hot, and so there was no other use for them except as a decoration).

I saw a little Halloween banner made of paper that I pinned to Pinterest and thought I'd try it to hang from our alcove between the dining room and the kitchen. I opted to make it out of felt though, since I had a lot of it left over from other projects. I think it turned out pretty cute. Lindy has loved it - she thought it was really cool while I was hanging it. She's also learned the "sounds" of most of the characters on the banner. Whenever I try to get her to do it for the camera, she doesn't, so just try to imagine an 18 month old cackling like a witch, walking and groaning like a mummy, hoooing like an owl, etc. My favorite is laughing like Dracula.

Just because I think she's cute, and this is what her room looks like most of the time. She LOVES to read!