Saturday, May 8, 2010

How do you say "late" in Spanish?

Okay, okay, so this post is seriously almost a year old.  Well, the subject of the post is.  Katie and I have done a bit of collaborative journal writing (same journal, same document, same time) on Google Docs. We decided long after the event, that we should journal about our Mexico trip last year.  We just finished.  The following PDF is the end-product.

I understand that by clicking on the following link, I will be redirected to a non-blogger document, which contains far too much information about a trip that I don't care enough about.  By opening it, I understand that Brett and Katie are in fact not compelling me to read the whole thing, or even part of it, because it's long.  Really long.  

This post has been provided out of a realization that we don't post enough.  So there.