Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lindy 2 Month Stats

Our girlie girl, is a little over 2 months now - crazy! She sure is growing - as evidenced by her latest stats.

This is probably one of those weird things, that only Mom's care about... but here it is anyway.

Length: 23.0in (90% percentile)
Weight: 10lbs 9oz (75%)
Head Circ.: 38cm (75%)
Cuteness: Like a button  

I brought Lindy and Brett with me to the last Friday of school for our district, and had a good time saying hi and goodbye to my kiddos. I hope it's only a temporary goodbye for my teacher friends. I miss chatting with my "teams." Here are a few photos of my last day at FHMS - I'm sad I didn't get more with the other teachers.

I love being a mommy, but there are definitely some things I will miss about teaching - especially my friends. When I had a great lesson, or even better - a fun lab, I really did enjoy myself. There were only a few truly hard days when things fell flat on their behinds, or when the students were completely insane. I think teaching is kind of like childbirth... it doesn't seem like it was all that hard when I look back on it (selective amnesia, I guess). I definitely hope to go back when my own kids are all grow'd up. 

It's definitely harder to have "grown up" conversation when I'm mostly hanging out at home with a 2 month old. But... Mom and Dad are coming home this Saturday! Ah!!!! So hopefully Mom won't mind my running around the house behind her, chatting non-stop... just like the good ol' days.