Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Driving me a little crazy!

I realized we haven't posted in a while, so I thought I'd put a quick update on life.

First, to all my teacher friends... I'm sorry your summer has come to an end, but may you have a wonderful year full of crazy kids and crazier administrators :)

Brett is still loving his job at UVRMC, but we would both be loving it a little more if it were a day shift. Maybe someday [sigh].

We had Lindy's baby blessing on August 7th. It was great! Brett's Mom made Lindy's dress - it turned out soooo cute. I was very pleased with how it turned out - she did a great job. Mostly we loved the day because almost every member of our family was there (including Lindy's Great Aunt Lindy who she's named after).

We were missing the Nelsons, and my sister Sarah's husband Brent, but everyone else was there, which really is saying something. My mom decided to go for broke and we took a family picture outside on the play set - we'll have to photoshop 3 people in (Brent, Matt, and Abbey who had to be gone for the picture day for their new jobs). We even got the dog in.

Me and my sisters (can you tell...) and our babies in Hawaiian garb from Grandma Reesa and Papa Phil
While she was here for the blessing, my sister Ali and I ran our first 5K. Everybody who knows us Borens, knows that we're not so great at the cardio thing, but are probably some of the people who need it the most given our genetic background. So we "trained" for a few months and ran the Highland Fling 5K. I'm pretty proud of us for doing it, and hope that we can keep it up. Brigham helped me train and I really appreciate his advice and coaching - it was a great motivator.

I'm mostly loving my new job as a Mommy, but I'm going a little crazy these days with Lindy's sleep schedule. She used to sleep 7-8 hours at least in a stretch at night, but she's regressed to about 3-5 hours. I wouldn't complain too much except that I have a really hard time getting myself back to sleep (and so does she sometimes). I figure if she could do it before, then she should still be able to do it, so I'm a little frustrated. She also seems to be more cranky during the day, almost right from the moment she wakes up. It's been a little better these last couple of days, but it's definitely a work in progress. I've been trying to utilize the Weissbluth method in "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" but any other advice from the masses would be appreciated. She actually took a binki today for the first time for her morning nap, but that's unusual, and I don't feel like she has a very good self-soothing method. Brett's work schedule makes it a little harder as well, since he's gone a few nights a week and by the time he's home, we're both exhausted from staying up all night. My Mom saved my bacon 2 nights ago and took care of her all night (although that happened to be her best night in the last week or so... lucky Grandma). But she's still super cute, even though she's super frustrating...