Saturday, November 10, 2012

Our Songbird

Lindy loves to sing. She constantly hums "Nic Nac Patty Wak" (she's never seen Barney, so I know it's not that version) and continues to lead the music at church and to the songs played by any toy. Her first single was "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" which she started humming around 14 months. Now she's throwing words in, which is really fun, and several times a day she will sing, "Morrow!" or "Daddy!" and I know that means she wants me to sing "Tomorrow" or "When Daddy Comes Home" respectively. Unfortunately she doesn't say the "w" sound, but inserts a "b" sound instead, which is why way sounds like bay, and what sounds like...

"When Daddy Comes Home"

Unfortunately Brett hasn't seen her for the last 2 days, and might not for the next 2 days that he's working. She is still asleep at 5:15am when he leaves and goes to bed before he gets home around 7:15pm.

"Rubber Duckie"

Sorry about the wardrobe, but there's no other place suitable to singing this particular song.

 I know we've already showcased this one on FB, but she's getting better at it, so here's an updated version.
I am a Child of God
We learned this on in the car last night. About 10 min. of singing it over and over and she's got the tune and the ending words.

I think she's pretty talented for a 19 month old!