Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lindy 1 Month Old!

I know everyone probably says this, but I can't believe my baby is already 1 month old!

Lindy has been really fun to have in our home. She eats and sleeps most of the time, and sometimes cries a little in between, but on the whole she's a perfect baby. Brett and I are having a lot of fun just watching her little face while she sleeps - she seems to have a lot of food-related dreams. We sure enjoy having such a sweet little gal.

I suppose I should have blogged earlier, but there really isn't a whole lot to say, so I'll add a bunch of pictures instead (I tried to put them in chronological order so you can see how she's changed already).

This isn't a particularly exciting video, but she's awake, sculpting the air with her hands (which she does constantly if she's not swaddled), and sneezing (anybody who's anybody loves baby sneezes, right?).