Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thanksgiving Prep 2013

We've had a lot of fun getting ready for Thanksgiving this year - here's what Lindy and I have been up to during November...

 For this turkey she painted the plates and feathers, I assembled the face, and she used her hand prints for turkey feet. When everything was dry I asked her what she was thankful for. The first thing she said was, "Jesus." Then she started looking around and said anything that was within sight. She only needed a little prompting to say Daddy and Mommy...

We've been coloring a lot of turkeys - she likes having her hands traced, it's one of the best parts! She's impressed me with her coloring abilities. This is the first time that she's really drawn in a space, trying to make it solid color and staying almost inside the lines. Then she started adding extra color to the sky to this one which I call, "Turkeys at Sunset" - if she becomes a famous artist, I think this is her first official piece... could be worth millions.

We've been spending a lot of time talking about gratitude and being thankful for FHE. One of our activities was to fill in this outlined person with things about our bodies that we are thankful for (doing sharing time has made my FHEs much easier to plan!). So we went through the 2nd verse of "My Heavenly Father Loves Me" and filled in the person. Then we added things from the first verse, and a bunch of other random things that Lindy is thankful for. She colored in some of it and has continued working on it on the floor over the last few weeks. It's even scarier looking now with crazy colored teeth, stickers, and scribbles all over. Prominently to the dude's right is a windmill - she loves the windmills that we see any time we head north on Redwood or out to Highland.

Our library does a story time, which we've only been to a couple times, but hope to go more often. This last time Miss Betsy gave the kids the makings for a "turkey hat" which we made when we got home. Lindy liked putting it together, but got a little nervous to see herself in the mirror when it was all finished. She only wore it for a couple pictures... apparently not being a hat person is genetic.

For our last FHE (actually with G&G Groneman - and Auntie Buffalo) she painted a cornucopia and all the fruits and veggies to go in to it. We each had to think of something we were thankful for, and how to show that we are thankful for it. Lindy wasn't so great at thinking of how to show her gratitude, but it was definitely cute when she said, "Thankful for Buff!" and gave her hugs - so I guess that counts as a way of showing it.

We changed the lyrics a bit from what I learned as a kid... but here's "There's a Great Big Turkey" Lindy style...

Lindy is really excited for Thanksgiving. For the last handful of days she has said, "Thanksgiving is ready!" or "Let's go to Thanksgiving!", and she's sad that she has to wait a few more days... hope she's not disappointed! We are sad Brett has to work this Thanksgiving, but are excited that he's off for Christmas.
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