Saturday, March 23, 2013

Yard Projects: One Year House Anniversary

We've lived here for almost a year - holy cow! While we've done a lot to improve the yard, there's still tons to do. I had some fun with "paint" to outline for you some of the projects and ideas that we have. Most of them are way cooler in my head, but this is a good starting point. Any ideas are welcome - though don't be offended if we don't choose yours :).

These are some shots of the house before we did very much. You'll notice less grass, lots of weeds, rocks in weird places, etc.

Gotta love those cheery yellow flowers.

Brett put in a lot of work into the sprinkler system.

Here you can see some of the progress we made last year, and some of our plans are documented. Wish we could win the lottery, and pay for everything we want to do...  (sorry the writing is kind of tiny and hard to read on some of the pictures, and there's typos... oh well).

 Despite the huge amount of work that the yard requires (if we want it to be awesome!), it's really been a lot of fun to work out there with Brett. We've planned out what we want to do, where we want to plant things, etc. It's nice to have a hobby we both enjoy. He does a lot of the grunt "Man" labor and I do a lot of the planting and watering. And we both enjoyed the harvest last year, and this year should be 10X better given the amount of manure and organic matter we've tilled into the garden - plus we've been able to get started on it even earlier since we're not dealing with moving into the house like we did last year.

Even Lindy has enjoyed getting out there this year "digging the dirt with a shovel" as she says it. She helped me plant my beets. And she loves rides in the wheel barrow ("wheel-barrah"... she has an accent sometimes), while Daddy pushes her. She likes taking rides in the bucket as well. Spoiled girl.

Already we've torn out that railroad tie wall and made grow boxes out of the planks - progress!

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